Friday, April 18, 2008


Good Morning,

Well, you can imagine my shock when I woke up to THIS this morning! Snow in the middle of April! and not just a light dusting either......I knew I shouldn't have put their winter clothes away last weekend - Murphy's Law!!!! It seems like we're one of the few that got it though since we're up on the mountain...I phoned my mom and hubby and both their cities are just wet. I told Chris I'd take some pic's so he'd believe me :)

Today the girls have the day off school so I"m looking forward to taking it easy. I have a cold, and being pg can't take anything so not feeling 100%.

I"m looking forward to my MIL coming over this evening from the Island though, plus I have a Technique card club this evening as well so that will be fun.

Anyone shocked at who got voted out last night????(on Survivor) I won't post more in case you've taped it and still need to watch it.

Have a great weekend,


Louise said...

We're supposed to be getting snow this way too - not fun! I'm in the middle of washing up all the winter gear to pack but maybe I should 'hold that thought' for a few days!

Survivor... if he thought Jason was 'dumb' then he was just as dumb & the rest did a great job of 'outwitting'!!!

Sarah said...

I LOVED Survivor this week... Ozzy was getting way too cocky! We got snow yesterday as well. It stuck for a bit, but was gone when the sun came out shortly after. So wrong for April!

Lori said...

Shocker!!! but kinda glad! His arrogance(Spelling!!?) was starting to show!

Lori said...

Oh! and I am sure you heard of our snow!!! I think this is more than we have gotten all winter----and this is Alberta!!