Thursday, December 16, 2010

Letterpress Plates

Here is one of the projects made at club in November. Its an awful picture..sorry about that! Its a quick gift to make if you need one in a hurry. The letterpress plate was used with Old Olive craft ink. It makes a debossed image...pressed 'in', instead of the embossing plates/folders that raise the paper. Stay tuned, more to share coming up!


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

decorated tin

I have a non-stamping related craft to share today. There are so many opportunities for the home-schooled child I have found. One morning last week we went to another home-schooled family's house and the mom taught a few girls how to make these decorated cookie tins. See what Megan made! (with some help from her mom) Cute I"d say!

Countdown is on, yippee!


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Finding our perfect tree

Seasons Greetings!
Here are a few pic's of us last sunday getting our Christmas tree. We knew the rain was coming so went a bit earlier then some years past. It is VERY hard to get a picture with all 4 looking as Jacob is a little monkey :) What can you expect for a 2yr old though....Such a beautiful day it was, we had hot chocolate there and then came home and decorated. Love family days.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Groupon is coming local!

Do you want to save $$? Well I came accross this great site called 'Groupon'. Up until now the coupons were mostly good for the Vancouver area, (they are alos all over N. America I believe) but they announced today that they are going to be offering Groupons to the Abbotsford area!!! Each day thru your email acc't a special deal will be emailed. I've taken advantage of it once a few weeks ago...(remember up until now they've mostly been located in Vancouver so I never bought any). I bought the Body Shop Groupon - get a $40 voucher for $20. Great as this time of year I always buy a few things there anyway. Everything went smoothly, and I've already spent it. If you want to sign up, its FREE and you can click here to check it out: My friend in the past has used a 'Gap' Groupon as well.....there are some great deals to be had! Happy Shopping!