Friday, April 11, 2008

Megan's bday invites

Its Friday!
This morning it dawned on me that Megan's bday party is next saturday so I needed to get some invites done pronto - so I can hand them out after school today!
Its a postcard style, with the info written on the back. The cardfront is pixie pink - that green stripe is actually just a bag that I have the card leaning against....Also, on the coloured perfume bottles I put dazzling diamonds. Have to, since her party is a 'Glamour & Glitz' party. Same as Mikayla had last year where a lady comes in (Hi, Jessica!) and each girls chooses a hair style, light glittery eye shadow and lip gloss, and of course all over sparkle spray! While the girls are waiting they can do kareoke that she provides, or we have the High School Musical Wii game which the girls love too! Its gonna be so much fun! By the way, this set is a real 'oldie' that I've kept. I felt with having 3 girls I'd get future use out of it - glad I kept it! I think its called A Girl Thing. There's also a row of purses and a row of shoes and of course the row of perfume bottles I used, and the words going along the side.
Not much else new to report. I've made my 2 cards for my All Occasions class coming up but won't share them until after the class.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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Darcie Helt said...

verry cute! I loved that set too! Girl Brithday parties are really fun! Taylor's Birthday party is this Saturday too! We are having a jewlery making party! I love reading your blog and all your samples! I wish I had time to post on each one! Shelby is getting so mobile! She is almost crawling! She has 2 teeth now too! Not much longer for you! talk to you soon!