Sunday, May 20, 2007

Kylie goofing around

Hi again!
Just thought i'd share one of the pic's I took of Kylie a few weeks ago playing around in our backyard. I'm not sure about you but I find I don't have nearly as many photo's of my 3rd child as I do my first and 2nd....sooooo while the girls were at school one day I took her outside (it was a beautiful, spring day) and I just took pic after pic of her, some posing and some candid shots. Here's one of my favourites.
(her tshirt is from a store in Aruba where everything changes colour in the inside her shirt is just black and white. We all have nailpolish on that is clear inside and when in the sun turns bright pink. Too cool!)


stampinsars said...

Cute! I think I fell short on the picture taking for Todd (#2) moreso than for #3... Two reasons - now we have a digital camera, so I have been known to take 70 pictures in a day... and it was 2 boys then a girl for us, so the little princess gets lots of pics taken of her! But the scrapbooks are another story... Scott's was great up to about 2 years old, Todd's is done up to one year, and Elise's is good for the first 3 months.... gotta just have a whole weekend to get caught up on their books! So much to do, eh?

Rosella said...

Kylie is SOOO cute!!! I hear you, I haven't been taking as many pictures of Matthew, and I have a digital now. Can you believe it? Not good!!!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh..I can relate..I am the 5th child and there is not one baby picture of me take loads of her! LOL I constantly remind my mum about this ommission! :-)