Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

Good Morning!

Well I have to say today is the best Mother's Day ever. This used to be such a hard, bittersweet day for me years past. We lost our first child, Matthew in 1994 and so for many years, until we adopted Mikayla I felt robbed on Mother's Day as I wasn't able to stand with all the other Mother's in church, or receive a flower etc....some years I just stayed home as it was too hard. Mother's Day 1999 was so special as we finally had our arms filled with a baby, plus it was the day we chose to have Mikayla dedicated at church. Our lives were blessed even more when a year later we adopted our 2nd daugher - Megan and again had her dedicated on Mother's Day. Please take a moment to read a special poem that means alot to me, I'll put it at the bottom of this post. Both of our Birthmother's have such a HUGE spot in my heart and I honour them today as well. They gave us such a gift that I cannot even fathom. Now that I've had a birthchild myself (Kylie in 2003) it makes me even more aware of how special a gift adoption is. Thank you Noella and Lorrie for making our hearts full! (great now I'm sobbing and my makeup is getting ruined before church!)

A big surprise for me today was when I got out of the shower I could tell my girls were all hiding under my covers in my bed. Well you can imagine my HUGE surprise when Chris was in there too!!!! He was supposed to be working today and I had resigned myself that the girls and I would go visit his mom ourselves. My jaw dropped!!!! So they all had breakfast ready for me. (He saved a stat holiday that was owed to him to take today off but didn't let on)

Another HUGE surprise is he hand stamped this red card for me! Those of you that know Chris know that he has never stamped much in the 5 years I"ve been a demo. The words he wrote inside are really sweet too....He designed everything on the card and even knew some of the technical product words now since he heard us gabbing on the cruise :)

Anyway there's some of my amazing journey to Motherhood.

Big HUGS to you Mom's out there that wear SO many hats!! You are amazing! Also to mom's to be and also to Mom's in waiting - big big hugs to you as I know how hard today is. Also if you no longer have your mom around on earth may you have special peace knowing you'll see her again. Savour the memories you have of her and take some special time to yourself today!!!!

Heart filled,Kerry

The purple card is one of a few pages Mikayla had in a book for me for Mother's Day. I love how she wrote what was on her heart. (In case you can't make it out it reads:

I love my mom because...of the way she encourages me. Of the way she is helpful to me. Because she is loving. Because she takes care of me well. Because she makes me feel good. I love you. Love Mikayla.)

My heart swells with love. sigh.

Here is the adorable card Megan made me in school. (the yellow one) Its the first Mother's Day card that she has been able to write all by herself. She is in Grade 1. VERY special to me as she struggles in school so I know how hard she's worked to get printing down!
Legacy of Two Mothers
Once there were two women who never knew each other.One, my darling, is your birthmom and the other is your mother.
Two different lives, shaped to make yours one.One became your guiding star; the other became your sun.
The first gave you life, and the second taught you to live itThe first gave you a need for love, and the second was there to give it.
One gave you a nationality; the other gave you a name.One gave you the seed of talent, the other gave you aim.
One gave you emotions; the other calmed your fears.One saw your first sweet smile; the other dried your tears.
One chose adoption. It was all that she could do.The other prayed for a child, and God led her straight to you.
And now you ask me through your tears,The age-old question through the years.
Heredity or environment, which are you the product of?Neither, my darling, neither. Just two different kinds of love-Unknown author


Louise said...

Beautiful post! Glad you had a great Mother's Day! Thanks for sharing fromyour heart :)

Rosella said...

Wow! How exciting. I especially like that Chris made a card for you and stayed home to be with you. That is so special!

Stamper Gail said...

What a beautiful life story you have shared with us. You are very deserving of Happy Mothers Day's for the rest of your life! What a gem you are!

Darcie Helt said...

Oh so sweet, what an awesome husband and kids you have!! That even brought tears to my eyes!

Creative Expressions by Stephanie said...

Okay your story is sooooooo absolutley amazing you are soooo blessed! I had tears. I found your bold via Cindy then Sarah.

Happy Mother's day!