Wednesday, February 28, 2007

miss U daily

Happy March 1st!
Y'know I was at the library yesterday and admiring the bulbs that were up - crocuses and daffodiles thinking 'oh, i'm so glad spring is almost here' and then tonight 'BAM', a blast of winter....again. SNOW, and lots of it. I just looked on the Weather Network site and its still saying 'trace' of snow so i'm not sure where they're getting their info....obviously not here on top of our Mountain :) We have at least 4 inches and its still really coming down. My girls are going to be soooo hyper in the morning when they see what's in store for them!

OK, onto stampin' stuff. Here is my card I made for a Spring Mini swap that i'm hosting - and due tomorrow. Its hard to make out but I used the linen stamp on the cool carribean. I'm really enjoying the Office Line in the Spring Mini....I've altered a few notebooks already and I just find having Office Accrutrements a very handy, different set. Its like nothing I have and I love how it can be used with scrapbooking, office type things, and cards. Please visit my website at to view the new Spring Mini - its awesome!

So our family survived the flu this week....! Kylie and Mikayla had it both last night...all night. I was busy going from room to room. Hit the hay around 4:30am or so. Then my poor hubby woke up with it so he lay in bed all day. (nice eh?) hmmmmmmm I don't remember being able to do that on monday when I had it as he was at work. (I kept all 3 girls home as it was so much easier) The joys of being a mom, I'm sure you can all relate. :) Are all men kinda like big babies when they're sick or just mine?

HEY, I"m excited to say I registered for the Vancouver Regionals today! Its going to be a super busy few weeks in April as Regionals is only 5 days after I get back from the SU cruise! Man, think of all the great ideas that are going to be exploding in my brain!!! I can't wait to share what I learn with you all!

OK, this momma is super tired so i'm going to call it a night. I hope you are all staying nice and cozy and warm in your homes.

Happy Stampin'


stampinsars said...

Hope you've seen the end of that awful flu. Your card looks great!

Rosella said...

Hmm! Makes me think! Don't I NEED this set? LOL! Great card.
So glad you're over the flu now.

Louise said...

All men are babies! Exact same scenario happens at my house anyways!

You card looks great - can't wait to see them all! We had a huge dump of snow here too...