Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Hi there,
Well like many of you we have been hit by the flu bug! Hence why I havn't been posting much. I'm feeling better today and getting to some household chores that i've neglected....
Here's a 6x6 that I made quite awhile ago but I wanted to share something.....! I put journaling in the little mini pocket envie.
I'm still super tied so dragging around today. Hoping once the girls are in bed to get some stampin' tonight! I miss it!
Have a super day,
p.s I"ve been informed that if you're looking for the jumbo paperclips that they are at Staples too! (Thanks Lisa B)!!!


Lori said...

I just used that paper tonight! I covered a little note book--first time!
I hope you are feeling better and will see you at school tomorrow!?

Rosella said...

Isn't Mikayla adorable! They grow up so fast. Give her a big hug!

Cindy Keery said...

Cute page - what a sweetie!

the Dollar Giant by Wal Mart has lots of those jumbo paper clips. I was just there yesterday and got a few packs, but there's lots left, for anyone who's still looking for them.

Julie said...

Oh, she is a cutie! i love your layout.