Monday, February 12, 2007

We have a WINNER!

We have a WINNER!!! I asked Mikayla to say her fav number 1 - 31 (I have 2 entries via email).....she chose number 8 as that's her bday age here's the 8th entry:

Katie wrote:
Man, Valentines is next week!! Wow! It's a Wednesday so we will have to see if we have Bible Study or not. If not, I will probably make a steak dinner and use the china. Stay in and eat with the kiddos. It's a nice tradition we have started.

Katie can you please send me an email with your snail address so I can send you your goodies! Thanks to everyone for replying and there were some great ideas that you mentioned! I hope you all have a wonderful day whether with friends, your loved one or just make some time to do some stamping!


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Katie said...

Ack...I WON I WON....Awesome!! And thank you!!

But I can't find your email....

Here is my snail mail...

Katie Skiff PO Box 692, Malta, MT 59538

Thanks again....this was so awesome!!