Saturday, March 17, 2007

Sarah's card

Good Morning!
I had the pleasure of having Sarah over last night to plan our 30 cards for $30.00 class! We didn't get started until around 8:30pm and we were finally able to say we're done at 1:30am!! We were getting so giddy and silly by the end....(y'know what that's like when you 're with a girlfriend and you're pass the point of being tired) LOL. Anyway i'm really pleased with the cards that we created!! We had a few sites for ideas but we actually just came up with our own and are happier with them, they are more our style. We also made a pattern map with diagrams and directions. I'm soooo excited for this class coming up! I'll post the cards after the class.
Here is a card that Sarah made for me as a 'thank you'. She won this set at my last team meeting. The coffee mug stamp is embossed though its hard to make out on my scan. I love the chocolate colours Sarah - thanks!
Off to take our dog Bailey to the groomer - he looks like a miniature sheep dog (and he's a Shih Tzu!). Then to pick up Megan at a slumber party that she was at last night. Mikayla's friend is leaving soon too as she slept over here. What fun having girls! (I'm sure boys are fun too :) )
Hope you have a great weekend,


Rosella said...

Sounds like you gals had fun!! Looking forward to seeing what you created! I really like the card Sarah made for you. Very Pretty!

stampinsars said...

Thanks Kerry - I had so much fun last night... and this morning!! (Steve couldn't believe that I only came home at just before 2am... crazy!) I couldn't even sleep in because Steve left the house at 6:30am.

iralamija said...

You make beautiful work!!

Bety :)