Monday, March 05, 2007

2 more swap cards

Good Evening!!!
Here are 2 swap cards that I received for our team swap.....The Polka Dots and Paisley card is from my downline Karlena W and the Glorious Gift's card was created by my 2nd line team member Andi E. I love both of these cards - they did an awesome job!
On a family note I had to take Kylie to pre admissions at the hospital today. Her surgery date is this friday so they wanted to weigh her, do her stats and go over the procedure that will be done on friday. I didn't realize she has to stay overnight so that really sucks! Its always nicer to be home in your own bed. She's having a adenectomy (removing adenoids) and tubes put in once again. Taking her adenoids out will reduce her ear infections the Dr says.... I'm just dreading this friday...I've been thru surgery with Megan before and I just feel like sobbing when you lay your child on the operating table, you hold them, comfort them as they are put under and then the dreaded words from the Dr...."ok, mom you can leave now. We'll come and talk to you when we're done." Then with a heavy heart you leave the room and leave your child in God's hands and the Dr's......and WAIT. If you think of Kylie and I please say a little prayer that all will go well and it will go smoothly.
I"ve created a few things these last few days but want my club members to see them first so will post them at a later date. I have to say I just LOVE the new designer paper in the Spring Mini!!! I love SU stays with trends and offers such amazing quality paper!
Anyway off to hit the hay, lots of ramblings...


Rosella said...

Great cards!
Keeping Kylie and you in my thoughts and prayers for this Friday!

Louise said...

You will be in my thoughts and prayers for Friday - I can't even imagine having to do that! I'd be bawling for sure!