Sunday, March 25, 2007

"Go Megan Go"

Well here is a pic of our daughter Megan at her Cheerleading party we had Friday evening. It was SO much fun and the 10 little girls loved it! One little girl called in sick just before so Kylie was thrilled that she got to participate now! She kept right up with those Grade 1 girls which was fun to watch. (she's almost 4 years old)
Megan is such a girlie girl in so many ways and yet a tomboy at heart as well. She loves to ride her bike, play in the dirt and wrestle with her daddy. On the other hand she LOVES make up already, (only for fun sometimes though), loves jewellery and clothes. (can you hear me groan as we're in trouble here...) Anyway's this is the outfit she chose when I took her shopping the day before. Its a big deal when she gets clothes as being the 2nd daughter she get's mostly hand me downs.
For those of you that know Megan she is so full of life, and real fireball and I just love spending time with her, esp one on one! Happy Birthday my little imp!
Happy Stampin'

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stampinsars said...

I can only imagine all the excitement that was in your house that night!

Glad you had a fun birthday Megan!