Friday, December 08, 2006

Glenda's tree fold card

Hello everyone!

Here is a wonderful card I got in the mail this week from a fellow demonstrator in Bartlett, Illinois - Glenda Travelstead! Thank you so much Glenda as it really brightened my day! As some of you may know I have bronchitis, strep throat and to top it off - the flu!!! Yesterday was by the far the worst day and i'm on med's now so today is way better! Still no voice (my kids are happy) but i'm feeling much better. My hubby even said "wow, you must be sick as you have an unopened box from UPS still in your stampin' room!" that was yesterday and just now I have opened it and its my preorder of my Sellabration stamp sets!!!! YIPPEEE. Can't wait to get them mounted so I can play with them.

For those of you in my first line I'm going ahead with my Christmas party scheduled for this sunday. By then i'll have been on my med's for 4 days (out of 7) and won't be contagious and will be feeling better, i'm sure!

Thanks for looking,

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Rosella said...

So glad to hear you are feeling somewhat better!!!