Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Day Pic's

Hello there friends!
Here are a couple of pic's from yesterday. The left hand photo is the girls just after coming downstairs and finding the gift that Santa left them.....and the right hand pic is the girls with their cousin Micah. He is 7 1/2 months now.
Do you have any jobs that you procrastinate on??? Well I have many but last night after the girls in bed I wasn't sure what I felt like doing (not much as I was exhausted) but Chris was busy with water changes in his fish tank so I started the big job of send my pic's to get processed. Now to some of you that might not mean much but i'm sad to say I have never really had mine processed.......since 2004!!!! So last night I uploaded pic's for 2004 and 2005 and already my hubby picked them up today! Now I have no excuse for not scrapbooking LOL..... It was fun to look back though and see how much the girls have grown in these few years. No more babies around here that's for sure!
Anyway I'm going to tackle more of the pic's as Superstore has a special on this week - order 100 and get 50 free or something like that....I think I got 350 pic's today :)
For my Amercian gals that read my blog we have an annual tradition here in Canada called 'Boxing Day'. My cousin from England actually informed me of the history last night which I found interesting.....do any of my Canadian friends know how it originated? OK, here is what she say's.....years ago (before 1945) well to do families had hired help. The help would have lots of prep in getting ready for Christmas, and then would have to work on Christmas day to ensure everyone had their food and the house was clean etc.....no time off for them! Well the day after Christmas the head of the home would present a 'box of something' a gift to their help as a gesture of thank you. The help would also get that day off as a break. So it was a day to give boxes to people that did service for you....garbage men, mail men etc...as well. Not sure how it turned into a huge Sale day here in Canada but that's the history as much as I know.
OK, onto my story of Chris's great deal...he got a portable dvd player - regular $299 for $49! I just bought some Christmas stuff at 50% but nothing exciting this year. With the 3 girls it wasn't like I was going to tackle the malls today! (chris worked).
Did anyone get anything they'd like to share! I love hearing about a great deal!
Wow, long post today.....must be making up for not posting much this week....
Take care,


Sarah said...

I stayed home and had a long nap!!! That's my idea of a great Boxing Day tradition!!!

Your girls sure look cute in their Christmas pics! My boys sure didn't sit still that long with a wrapped gift in front of them :)

Lori said...

hey! In alberta they only have 6% tax so every day is like a savings but....kevin exchanged a pair of Tommy Hillfiger jeans(at the tommy store) and got another pair a belt and a pair of real cute pjs for Carson for under 20 bucks! I got a pair of jeans from the bay for 10Bucks!!! and they are real cute! see you friday!