Tuesday, April 21, 2009

boys cards

Good Morning!

Today is going to be a good day. I can just feel it!
My friend Sabrina is in town visiting from Cranbrook and we're having a little bday party for her 2 boys. They havn't met too many people there yet so we wanted to so something for her boys so they felt special.

The boy cards are still so new to me so bear with me! I literally had a few minutes yesterday to make these while Jacob had some cheerios so I grabbed one of my many baggies that I have filled with cardstock that are leftovers from previous classes. I love doing that lately as it uses it up - plus the pieces are precut and I work with them.

Here are the 2 cards I came up with. The cupcake is for her Jacob who is turning '1'. His brother Zach is turing '4'. For boys do you add sparkle? Wasn't sure about glitter on boys cards.....for example on the flame???? Advice?

Have a wonderful day!


Sarah said...

Great boy cards, Kerry!
I love how you punched the stars out and then overlayed the paper on the card... great idea!

Darcie Helt said...

Great cards! I too love the punched star card! Hope all is well!!!

Lynn Forsythe said...

Really nice cards Kerry! I like the star card, the colors you used and the layout. Good idea, punching out the stars like that. I wonder about the glitter too....