Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Day trip

Hello there!

Just wanted to share a few pictures from this past weekend.

Chris and I took the kids to our old stomping ground - Spanish Banks, near UBC and Point Grey in Vancouver, BC. Its around a 1 hour drive from where we live. When we were dating we would go play tennis near here, go to our fav bagel store. (still there, we got some and they tasted just like I remembered!). It was such a beautiful day, clear blue skies and quite mild for February. This is a great picture of Vancouver in the distance. The one of our family has Stanley Park as the background.

The other picture is of Jake, he's changing so fast it seems. He's almost 9 months! He's such a charmer and flirt, and definately a Momma's boy!


p.s. I planned 3 upcoming classes if you'd like to head over to my website to check out the dates. I'd love to have you!

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