Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Sorry for not updating but I'm happy to say we didn't have to get admitted. He numbers went down a bit so that was great! Since his last blood work last friday it looks like he's less 'yellow'. He still has quite dark skin so that will be interesting to see if it stays.

Here's a pic that was taken by the nurse when Jacob was 3 hours old, and Chris had brought the girls to the hospital to meet their new brother.

I'm having my club make up this coming friday so I'll be able to post my club projects after that. Finally some new stamping stuff!!!

Thanks for your patience,


Nancy said...

What a beautiful family,Kerry! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Wow, could your smiles get any bigger?!?! What a beautiful pic. Congratulations. Lynn

Helena said...

Congratulations Kerry!!! I ran into Marcia and she told me the great news. I was just wondering too when the big day was going to happen. Glad Jacob is okay and that you are getting back into the mode of things!!!
Talk to you soon.