Tuesday, June 24, 2008

teacher's gifts


Finally some crafting done in my home! I'm sure like many of you June is such a super busy month...Combining it with a newborn and its been a whirlwind to say the least :)

I managed to make the teacher gifts last night. Nothing fancy this year, that's for sure but I saw this huge chocolate bars last week and thought this would be a perfect thing to wrap this year as a small token of our appreciation. Used the Bali Breeze DSP, flower fusion felt flowers and die cut flowers. I love how it all coordinates and makes my job easy. Also a Rhinestone brad just finishes it.

I have so many photo's to share of what as a family we've been up to the last few weeks....
Ballet costumes, Jacob growing, Father's Day, Kylie's fun day at preschool, Kylie's graduation from preschool, Mikayla's art show (her work was on display) and my baby shower. I'll try to get them up asap.

Jacob's doing really well. I have a Dr app't tomorrow so i'll find out how much he's gained. Also he still has his jaundice a bit still....going away though which is great. He's on a 3 hour cycle now - almost to the minute it seems! Its amazing how babies can regulate! Speaking of which, its 10:57am and he's due to eat at 11am...I can hear him starting to wake now. See, told ya!

Until next time,


Gail S. said...

Your candy bars are cute and I am sure the teachers will really enjoy them. Babies are soooo much work! I didn't get anything done for the first 3 months after my kids were born. Just take it one day at a time.

Jennifer said...

way to go MOM! Wow, new born and HANDMADE teacher gifts - I'm IMPRESSED. Even without the newborn, we did potted mini rose bushes.... Jacob is sooooo beautiful. Congratulations.