Thursday, June 26, 2008

family pic's


Here are some pic's. Megan in her ballet costume. Their recital is this Saturday. Kylie's picture i'll post next week. Mikayla at her art show. She ripped all those bits of paper to make a cool picture - very creative :)

Jacob looking so very sweet and kissable :)

Kylie at her preschool graduation and also opening gifts at her kid birthday party we had last sunday.

Did I mention we bought a trampoline last week? Anyway its been a HUGE hit and its so great that the kids can get their energy out on it! Plus I find the girls playing so well together on it. They don't just bounce, they pretend they're animals, we put the sprinkler under it, they also bring their stuffies and just play on it. Very good investment and one that will get LOTS of use over the coming years.
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Darcie Helt said...

Oh Kerry! The are all so beautiful! Jacob does look very kissable! Shelby will be one in a couple months, it has went by so fast :( Wow Mikayla! That is awesome, so creative you are! Taylor said that picture is awesome!! Thanks for sharing you pics! Keep in touch!
Go Wings!! HE HE!! LOL

Sarah said...

Jacob sure looks like Chris! And I hardly recognized Megan! She is sure pretty in her ballet outfit. End of school must be keeping you busy! Hope you can slow down and enjoy your new baby, and your dh's time at home this summer.

Louise said...

Looks like your family has been busy! Your little man looks bigger already - isn't it crazy!!!!???

Anonymous said...

The kid's pictures are adorable. I remember when Kylie was still being carried around most of the time, she was so little. Looks like you're having a great summer so far. Lynn