Thursday, January 31, 2008

misc pic's - snow and belly!

Hello there!
Well I'm happy to say my club went ahead last night. I was pretty worried mid-day yesterday when the snow was falling like mad but it let up during the day and was raining by evening. It was our first night of this new club and it went really well. Great group of ladies!
Here's a picture of Kylie yesterday that I took since I kept her home from preschool as I didn't feel comfortable driving down the mountain. (laugh all you want you non-westcoast people but its scary here in the lower mainland to drive, plus no snow tires either) Anyway she had alot of fun making a snowman, snow angels and snow chairs for her and her sisters. I'm so glad that we finally had a decent dump of snow. After school a friend of mine and myself took our crew to a local hill and let the girls go sledding. Boy, did they sleep well last night!
I really hesitated to post this pic of me that I just took as I really don't like my picture being taken but I wanted to share my very pregnant belly with you for the first time. I am now 5 months and there's no hiding it! Its funny as alot of parents at school have no idea that I'm expecting - its such an easy thing to hide this time of year with all our layers on! Not sure if you can make it out but I'm carrying very high this time around.
Anyway no stamping pic's. I'm planning on prepping for my All Occasions Class that is coming up on February 11th. You can check out my class list on my new and improved website at if you want.
Happy Stampin'


Trina said...

You look great...preggo lady!!

You've been tagged!
Check out my blog for details!

Sarah said...

well, the secret's out!! You have definitely popped! I like that shirt you're wearing.

Lori said...

Hey pretty lady! you look great wish i was there IRL!

Anonymous said...

KERRY!!! I can't BELIEVE that I forgot to congratulate you and Chris!!! I'm so sorry! Congrats! I'm SO happy for you guys! When is your exact due date again? My best friend is 5 months preg. and due around June 23rd. She's also carrying VERY high. Weird... :) Love you!!