Friday, January 25, 2008

club card

Greetings! I havn't forgetten you, I promise! Its just been crazy around here the last week or so! (can you relate?)
Here is one of the projects we made at my clubs this month. The ladies used the Watercolour Crayons, heat and stick powder and dazzling diamonds. Also the Bali Breeze designer paper. I didn't want the glittery flowers to be the focus so doing it this way they are more in the background and you can focus on the cute little mouse.
I have my team meeting tomorrow night so each spare moment working on that! Doesn't help how my grade 3 daughter has had over 3 hours of homework each evening! I was ready to breakdown last night! I wrote a note to her teacher today as she has no life, not to mention not seeing her daddy each evening :( Its ridiculous. School sure is different than it was when I went (many moons ago LOL).
Hope you're doing well. Would love it if you dropped me a line. Let me know what your plans are this weekend....Like I mentioned earlier I have my team meeting tomorrow evening. We're also having our Caregroup over for a potluck after church on sunday (13 kids and 10 adults) and that's about all the plans we have. YAHOO! Havn't seen my hubby all week either so looking forward to a much needed slow weekend.
Happy Stampin!

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Jen G. said...

Hi Kerry!
I just had to comment on Mikayla's homework--that sounds outrageous for elementary school, I would definitely be talking to the teacher or principal, too! Malia has maybe 1/2 an hour tops and most nights that would include her reading time as well.
Besides that, how are you doing?
Did your girls have a snow day today, too? Take care,