Saturday, January 05, 2008

beauty inside and out

Hello there!

I just wanted to share some gorgeous pic's of my mom that I saw today. My parents love to ballroom dance and its a big part of their lives. These photo's were taken on New Year's Eve last week before they left for their dance. My mom has very curly hair so its so different to see her with the bangs straightened out! Looks amazing though, she looks like a movie star! I sure hope I get these genes as I get older! (she'll kill me for saying this but she's over 60!)
Love you Mom!


Rosella said...

WOW! Your Mom looks gorgeous. Not surprised if your Dad likes to show her off!

Silke said...

Let me tell you that I think your mom is absolutley beautiful!!!
I hope I look that gorgeous when I'm in my 60's!!!

Also I think it's sweet of you that you think so highly of must love her very much and that's wonderful!!!

Anonymous said...

She's gorgeous!! Enjoy your years with her!! Treasure every moment! Thanks for sharing those beautiful photos! Patty