Sunday, August 19, 2007

Calgary highlights

Here are some of the highlights of our time in Calgary.
Mikayla showing her finished quilt that she made! My cousin Diane that we stayed with in Cochrane took the girls to the fabric store and they chose their fav fabric. It was such a highlight watching her teach the girls how to sew and Mikayla esp really took to it! After being showed the basics she took over and did alot of it herself.
The cute baby giraffe!
Kylie having fun at Calaway Park.
My 3 cowgirls just before they rode Ryley - one of Diane's horses.
Megan sitting pretty on Riley. Reins in her hands and everything! Riding the horse was definatley a huge thrill for them!
Of course the scrapbooker in me took way too many photo's! These are just a few, just to give you a glimpe into our first week of holidays. Our 2nd week is all beach shots.
Happy Stampin'


Stampinsars said...

great pics! what fun memories you have from this summer... I am so amazed at Mikayla's quilt - it's beautiful - way to go!!!!! And I love the cowgirls pic! Hmm... I know a stamp set and some paper that would go with your horse riding pics!

Jen G. said...

Wow, that's awesome Mikayla!! Beautiful quilt!
Nice pictures, Kerry :)

I got your message today--hope you had a great day together :)