Sunday, June 03, 2007

punch storage

Hello there!

While blog surfing I came accross this great idea to store punches! sararedman bought some cheap curtain rods, spraypainted them black and attached them to her wall!!!! I love this idea and i'm inspired to run to Walmart to buy some! What do you think?

I love storage ideas as I'm constantly trying to improve my stamp room and make it more organized!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend! We bought some blueberry bushes at the local Flea Market today so will have to get those planted soon....(ran out of time today)

Happy Stampin'



Nancy said...

I saw this as well and just need to find a blank space of wall to use!

stampinsars said...

What an awesome idea! I just have my plethora of punches in a big basket in a drawer.. this would be much more accessible!

Rosella said...

Great idea. I didn't realize you had so many punches. No wonder you needed a place for them LOL!

Lori said...

Hey that's a great idea. If I actually had that many I would do that too!

Darcie Helt said...

LOVE That idea! some people are so creative! I will be heading out to get some this weekend. Then jsut to get Dave to put them up!