Thursday, November 16, 2006

What a STORM!

Hello there!
WOW, we had a wicked wind/rain storm yesterday! I had slept over at my Mother in Law's the night before last to help take her to an app't that was yesterday morning..and boy did we wake up to alot of rain and wind! Stayed with her until around 3pm and then slowly made my way home along the freeway! Slowed to a crawl at one point as there was a huge tree that had fallen blocking the slow lane so we all had to merge. I felt like my van was going to be swept away but white knuckled it home to find our power was out. Picked up my other 2 girls at their playdate and made my way home...As dark was approaching I got all the candles and flashlights ready..girls in their PJ's etc.....after our yummy dinner of PB&jam we got out the craft/stampin' supplies and craft'd by candlelight!!! I've included the projects I made last night.... One of them is a candy pouch holder (the blue one)....and the other 2 are 2,4,6,8 Boxes...I used my new set - The Snowflake Spot and added some 'bling' stickers I had...(hard to make out in the pic)....also used my uno signa white gel pen and added white dots to fill in the background.

It was actually a very special time with my quiet and peaceful.

Let me know what your experience was....I hope everyone is ok.



Rosella said...

Talk about a storm! Glad it's over. Our power came back in the evening. But the kids and I really emjoyed ourselves by candlelight. They were sorry to see the lights come back on. Didn't get any stamping done though. (I actually did some cross-stiching).
Thanks for sharing your projects. They turned out great!!

Cindy Keery said...

I almost got hit (in my van) with a full sheet of ply wood that had flown off an under-construction roof top in Auguston yesterday. Stuff was flying everywhere!