Sunday, November 19, 2006

slideshow gone

hi there,

Well i'm sad to say that I've removed my slide shows...
It came to my attention that if you clicked on the slideshow that an area came up that said 'check out these great sites'....and there was often undesirable sites mentioned....I don't want that associated with myself or my business soooo I deleted them.

Will have to upload your cards now in my main post area now :)

Hubby is out watching the Grey Cup, he took the younger 2 girls as my mom is there. My oldest is at a bday party so I have the house to myself! Peace and noise, its wonderful!

Off to check out SCS for the remainder of my time,


1 comment:

Rosella said...

I had noticed these sites, but didn't conect them to you. But I understand.
How is your week going? I guess quite busy as you haven't blogged.
All the best.