Friday, November 13, 2009

whoo hoo MDS is Awesome!

Hi there,

Are you happy that your week is done? I love the weekends. No matter that my husband works most of them, its just nice to know I don't have to deal with school, after school activities etc....
Anyway I had some time to tonight to myself and I really wanted to watch some tutorials that Patty Bennett has been posting. I watched one on how to crop punches when using MDS, and also how to create a blog header on MDS. It didn't take long to create my new blog header but it took longer on how to figure out my new free photo editing software - Picasso 3. I think I finally got the hang of it, cropped my blog header, saved it and uploaded it. Phew!

Thanks so much Patty on providing the great MDS tutorials!!!

Have a super weekend, thanks for dropping by,


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Canadian Carole said...

Oh Kerry ... this looks like so much fun! I really want to try it whenever time allows me! Great work!