Saturday, October 10, 2009

blog header update

Hi again,
OK, well it was perfect timing as today Patty Bennett on her blog posted on how to make a blog header! I was using a card template and instead I was to go to Multimedia I made it again (took 2 minutes) and then saved it, went into Picaso and croped it to a more blog header size! Easy as pie! It will be fun to change it as the seasons change....I really should have a Fall theme right now as the colours on the trees are AMAZING this year! It seems we've had record sunshine since May and I sure am used to it! I hope the rain stays away! Can you believe on the weather netword I saw today the SNOW symbol for tuesday.....mixed precipitation and since we live on a mountain i'm reallllllly hoping they are wrong! I had the girls try on their winter boots from last year today just in case......2 fit, one to buy a bigger pair. Not bad.

Anyway enough ramblings.....

Happy Thanksgiving!!!! Tomorrow we're having our traditional turkey dinner at my parents so looking forward to it!

Happy Stampin'

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Rosella said...

Lookin' good!!!