Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Cork Board

Well, its official. I have 3 full time students youngest daughter started gr 1 today. I think tomorrow will be the test as today was just a short day. It's going to be so quiet around here without all their chatter etc....just my son and me.
Anyway last week I had a date night with Kylie (my 6 yr old) and I asked her what she wanted to do (movies, bowling, dinner etc...) and she said "I want to stamp!"....She really is a demo in the making I think! Anyway it was alot of fun to stamp with her! Here's one of the projects we made. I had picked up some cork sheets at the local dollar store and I wanted to make a cork board. I thought of my scallop die and 'voila' this was created! Kylie made her own as well which she'll later give to her teacher.
BTW I ordered the My Digital Studio this evening so I'm excited to share upcoming digital scrapbooking projects with you! Its a whole new world for me so I"m going to take baby steps - but I'm super excited!
Have a great week,
Happy Stampin'

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Lori said...

hey Kerry!

Love this cork board. You are so going to have to tell me how the MDS is. i've been denying myself of digital scrapbooking because I used to say it is a cheat but you can make some beautiful pages. keep in touch!