Wednesday, June 24, 2009

june club

So glad you dropped by.
Sorry for the fuzzy pic but wanted to share one of the projects the club ladies made this June. I saw this idea ages ago and filed it away to make one day in the future....well the time came to try it out! I love this card idea....its hard to make out but the cup is made using vellum paper and its rounded out like a cup. There are lemon's in the cup too, behind the straw. The Gable green matt uses the textured plate, creating lots of wee little dots. Lastly a strip of sticky strip is on the top of the cup, sprinkled with dazzling diamonds.
Hope you like :)
The other project the gals made was a paper wallet, complete with faux leather! I forgot to take a picture before I gave it to my Dad so sorry about was super cool, though and I plan to make more in the purses and clutches too. I even brought the sewing machine out so they could stitch around the edges and middle.
Stay tuned for more projects I"ve made lately,

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Sarah said...

cute card... I want to try one of these... maybe at my open house next week.