Sunday, March 22, 2009

please be patient

Hello there!

Well there was a good reason I've been MIA. My family and I had a wonderful holiday in Palm Springs over this Spring Break. It was so relaxing, the weather was gorgeous and it was just what I needed! Up until leaving life was such a whirlwind. The few days before we left Jacob broke out in a NASTY rash that turns out he's allergic to Penicillin. I spent 2 stints in the ER with him, and thankfully after some steriods, nebulizer and blood work all is ok. We got home on wednesday night.
Now the last few days in Palm Springs I must have slept funny....have you done that before? Woken up stiff or sore? Life goes on right. Well life has been going on and me dealing with it until yesterday mid afternoon when I tried to pick up my big baby boy from his playpen and something bad happend. I'm not exactly sure but I"m in excruiating pain, lower hip/lower back region. Couldn't sleep last night, no position is comfy - sofa, bed, armchair etc.....standing is sometimes ok. So once Jacob wakes up we're off to the walk in clinic to see if I can get some strong med's to counter it. I'm pretty sure there's not much you can do for a pinched nerve, or sciactic problems....anyone know? My biggest worry is today is Chris's last day off and as of tomorrow I have to do all the mom stuff we all do...including lifting Jacob into his crib, carseat etc...and I just can't. I told Chris labour was a walk in the park compared to this.

Anyway there's my rant of the day. Thanks for reading this far. I even have my new circle cutter and havn't played with it yet.

Please pray for a speedy recovery as I can't afford to not be 100%. Too much to do!

Stampingly yours,


deedee said...

ice pack every 2 hours for 20 minutes reduces the swelling and pain!

Darcie Helt said...

OUCH! sorry to hear about your back....I work for a Chiropractor so I hear/see stuff like your describing all the time.....head to a good chiropractor. I am asumming you have those in Canada but it sounds like you could have hernatied a disc or at least pulled something out of place...Med will just cover the problem. let me know if you need more info...Take care of yourself!

Sarah said...

The best thing you can do is place some mini magnets on your back, and you probably were sleeping on a lousy bed in PS... that will wreck you for sure. I agree with Darcie that meds will just cover the problem, but magnets are better (and cheaper in the long run) than a Chiropractor, too!
Hope you feel better soon!

Lori said...

Hi there. Sorry to hear about all that has been going on! I hope you enjoyed your visit to PS anyway!?? Just got back from Vegas myself and really enjoyed myself.....Rebecca came!!! About your back, hip etc... I hope that is all cleared up but remember that summer I had the exact same problem and it didnt go away until I went to the Chiropractor!! There is that one down the hill in the the IGA area....2 brothers and they are sooo nice and really good. And I think most health insurances pay for these visits! Anyway I hope you are feeling better now anyway and don't need this advice. Gotta go shopping now!
Take care and big hugs to everyone!!