Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!


Well another year of trick or treating has come to an end....this year we only got around 60 kids or so.....less than last year of over 100. I think because a townhouse development went in since then near us most of the kiddies know its alot easier to rake in the candy there! Still alot of fun and I'll post some pic's of our kids another time....

Just wanted to share this great post by kwerner. She works at the SU headquarters. It looks like such a great place to work! Look at photo's she took and also watch the quick video at the end. TOO FUN! . The girls got alot of great treats. Some of my favourties are the jars of playdoh, a full size toothbrush, a full size twizzlers, chips, mars, nibs and Reece Peanut Butter cups....What are your favourties?????

I'm just getting packed up for a girls bday party I'm doing tomorrow. I'll take a pic of the projects and post them monday. Hope the girls have fun!


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Jen G. said...

Play-doh and toothbrushes?! That's awesome, lol! Sounds like they had a great haul!