Thursday, October 16, 2008

family pic's


Just wanted to share a pic of Jacob and me. He's such a big boy now! At his 4 month immunizations he was 16 1/2 lbs! He's such a joy, and for the most part a happy, smiley baby. On the downside though he isn't a 'napper' so I find it hard to get stuff done during the day. He does go to bed around 6:30pm though so at least I have my evenings to be with the girls and Chris. (and stamps LOL).

Also.....ta da! Megan's new 'do'. It seems like just a few weeks ago I was posting her new 'do', Remember? It was soooo lovely....when the hairdressor did it. I just found it so hard to keep up, and it was so wild and frizzy. I sent her to school with barettes or ponytails and she took it out at school and looked like Medussa when I picked her up :) Soooo she wanted a pixie cut, and I closed my eyes when they chopped, and voila,its done. Its cute, and sooo much easier in the morning!

Anyway, next post will be stampin'

Happy Stampin',


Darcie Helt said...

Wow he is getting sooo big! What a cutie!! Megans hair cute is so cute! Isn't it funny how it is so hard to cut our girls hair! Taylor wanted to do it a few years ago and I resisted and now I am thankful. What a pain long hair was with her! Love the updates, til next time.........

Rosella said...

Kerry, Jacob is absolutely adorable!!! And Megan looks great too!! Waiting to see what you did at your classes and clubs this month!