Sunday, March 09, 2008

Take Three class

Hello there!

Soooo did you remember to set the clocks forward?

Here are the projects the ladies made at my prebuy Take Three class last week. I love these classes as the best part of them is the class fee includes their own stamp set to go home with!

On a family note we had Mikayla's party last night. I think the girls finally fell asleep at 1am! (midnight old time) They all looked so tired this morning at breakfast! (not to mention Chris and I too! ) Went really well....had 3 projects for the girls to stamp, had pizza, they watched the Barbie Mariposa video - thanks for your suggestions though - will use those for our own family movie nights! The biggest hit though was the High School Musical sing along Wii game! They all loved it!!!!

Anyway hope you are having a relaxing, good day! Chris is about to assemble bunk beds! Not his favourite thing to do on a sunday, that's for sure! I get to play Barbie's with the girls new stuff! Tough life, I know LOL!

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Sarah said...

love these cards!!