Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I have a 9 year old!

Good Morning!
Well I"m amazed to say I have a 9 year old! My oldest turned 9 today. Her party isn't until Saturday (her first sleepover party) but today she gets to choose what she wants for dinner and she chose Chinese Food so we'll head out once Chris gets home from work. (lucky me as I don't have to make dinner).
Here's a card I just made for her. Her fav colour is still pink so I really went with that theme! I love the micro fine cosmo glitter and it looks so much prettier IRL. Now to go wrap her pressies...(barbie). I'm so thankful she's not growing up too fast and she still loves to snuggle, barbies and make believe.
Anyone know a good movie the we can rent for the girls for this saturday? There's nothing in the theatre that suits....even an oldie from the 80's, 90's that you can remember loving when you were younger?
Have a great day! We have a beautiful, sunny day so i'm going to take the girls and Mikayla's BF to the playground after school!
Happy Stampin'


lORI said...

Happy Birthday Mikayla!!
Chinese food! good choice!
A good movie that I think is out on video is The game plan!? Has "the rock" in it and is about a little girl that lands on his door step(his daughter) and he has to change his macho life style to fit her in it! Real cute actually! the little girl is adorable! Have a great day! I ve been thinking of you alot lately, Ill have to call you soon. My stampers 10 is tonight!!!

Leanne said...

How fun to host a girls sleepover... For movies I'd recommend "Wild Hearts can't be broken"... it's a horse story. I also love the old Disney's like "the Apple Dumpling Gang" and "No Deposit, no return".
Have a fun time.
Love your pink card!

Anonymous said...

My youngest will be 8 on the 7th and her favorite color is pink too! I mayt have to case this card for her. I also want to put a vote in for "The Game Plan". Our WHOLE family loved this movie. Kids aged 28-7. Lynn