Sunday, February 24, 2008

our Oregon trip

Good Morning!

I just wanted to share a few pic's from our Oregon trip we took 2 weeks ago. The weather was really lousy but we tried not to let it dampen our spirits!

We went to the Safari in Roseburg, Oregon where you drive thru with all the animals roaming free. Was REALLY cool and I recommend it if you're travelling to southern oregon. I posted the giraffe that was roaming around. There were also rhino's, camels, zebra's, lots of different deer, a bear enclosure you can drive thru, lion enclosure etc..... We then headed to the coast and went to Florence, Oregon to the Aquarium. I love this cool pic of the jellyfish! The sea lions were super friendly and interactive.
We did over 1800 kms so overall it was not a R&R holiday, but it was still great to get away from the everyday and not cook and clean for 6 days :) OH, and I also love how Oregon has no tax so I did a bit of shopping. (I got a stupid cold while I was there so wasn't in top shopping mode the whole time :( boo hoo)

Anyway we have company for dinner so better run. I've had 2 clubs this past week at my house, and the last one this coming tuesday so will share the projects after that.

Its such a beautiful day here in the Fraser Valley! Soooo nice not to have rain :)

Take care,

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Jen G. said...

Nice! I'll have to put that on my list of places to go with the kids for a holiday :)