Wednesday, September 05, 2007

labour day and preschool!

Here are 2 pic's from our day at the river on labour day. Chris caught a salmon (yum). The girls (+Mikayla's friend) enjoyed playing on the rocks and along the sand on the shoreline. Do you see in the one photo the pic of the momma bear and her bear cub! Very cool...but I'm glad they were on the OTHER side of the fast moving Fraser River! (if you click on the photo of the bears you can see them alot closer!)
The other pic was just taken an hour ago when I left Kylie at her first day of preschool. Can she be this old already! I actually waited an extra year longer then the other 2 when they started......I'm happy for her as she's thrilled to be going to school like her sisters...but I do miss my little girl as I enjoy our time so much together! (its only 3x week, 2 1/2 hrs so I think i'll manage LOL)
Sooooo I enter this new journey where I'll have 2 hours 3x week to myself! I hoping to get some of my Stampin' Up! prep done at this time, and that will free up my evenings after the girls go to bed. Maybe I'll see my hubby more! :)
Soooo question for you. Can you recommend a great movie to rent. What's your favourite?
Happy Stampin'


Michelle Lawlor said...

Hey I can recommend a great rental... "Disturbia"!


Jen G. said...

Wild Hogs, if you haven't already seen it--sooo funny! (Also, saw Blades of Glory, if you like "stupid-funny")

Great pics, Kerry!

Steve said...

We watched Perfect Storm last night - already an old one, but lots of storm action. Also the Sentinal is pretty good. Children of Men is a bit weird, but very thought provoking. Have you seen Bourne Ultimatum yet? Awesome on the big screen.. we didn't want to wait to rent that one. Have fun with whatever you watch!