Friday, April 27, 2007

DESSERTs & more sneak peeks


Well its the end of my first week back. I must admit its been a tough week..hard to get back into routine. Doesn't help when it non stops rains and is grey out. Hoping for some sunshine this weekend which always improves morale around here :)

OK, here are is a super cool new chipboard pkg and a stamp set that was created to coordinate with it. Its called Pick a Petal. In the flower pot picture they used the new chipboard and stamp set and arranged it in one of the Chinese take out boxes available in the Idea Book and Catalog. Its filled with Jelly Bellies.
The other picture is of the Dessert Extravaganza held last friday night. It started at 10:30pm and went until midnight. It was just amazing and was held outdoors on the Lido deck. I loved the fruit shishkabob dipped in the white or milk chocolate fountain. YUUUMMM. Also had a Crepe Suzette made right before my eyes.....I loved those as they were light and warm.
Anyway my 'grandma' upline Val is due here in a few hours. She's coming here from Vernon and spending the weekend with us. Joining myself and my team to Vancouver Regionals tomorrow at Canada Place Convention Centre. I am so excited to go to another SU event!!! Another new catalog stamp set I"ll get tomorrow and hopefully a ton more ideas to boot! There are 10 of us going which will make for a fun group! Going out for dinner afterwards...if any of you have any suggestions please leave a comment. We're pretty open.....maybe get out of the city a bit though as we will have 3 cars with us all.
Have a great weekend! Happy Stampin'


stampinsars said...

yummy!!!! awesome dessert display.

we could go to IKEA for dinner... they have good salmon :) hahahah!

Katie said...

I love that set and the chipboard....thanks for getting me all worked up over the new stuff!! Ugh! lol

Jennifer said...

If you like ribs.... TONI ROMAS is our favorite little spot. YUM! Have fun looking forward to reading all about regionals on your blog!!! :)