Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Groupon is coming local!

Do you want to save $$? Well I came accross this great site called 'Groupon'. Up until now the coupons were mostly good for the Vancouver area, (they are alos all over N. America I believe) but they announced today that they are going to be offering Groupons to the Abbotsford area!!! Each day thru your email acc't a special deal will be emailed. I've taken advantage of it once a few weeks ago...(remember up until now they've mostly been located in Vancouver so I never bought any). I bought the Body Shop Groupon - get a $40 voucher for $20. Great as this time of year I always buy a few things there anyway. Everything went smoothly, and I've already spent it. If you want to sign up, its FREE and you can click here to check it out: My friend in the past has used a 'Gap' Groupon as well.....there are some great deals to be had! Happy Shopping!

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Louise said...

Yeah, I just signed up a couple weeks ago & so far have bought a round of bowling for up to 6 people! Thought it would be a fun family event for my b-day in the spring. (I don't need a party but the boys are always up for one & what better way to celebrate, than with my little fam!)
I did decline the pole dancing aerobic classes though... sorry! haha!