Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Palm Springs

As promised here are a few pictures of our recent trip to Palm Springs....hard to beleive just a week ago right now I was laying in the sun....actually its not so bad as its a gorgeous day here in BC. It was a bit disappointing the weather this year there in CA. Only reached the mid 70's and most days there was such a strong, cool wind...brrrrr! My girls and hubby didn't mind as they stayed in the heated pool for hours but for little guy Jacob once his bathing suite was cold he liked to walk around in the wading pool and it was just to chilly most times. We still had a wonderful holiday thought. One day it poured rain so we went to the Children's Museum there. AWESOME! Also revisited the Living Desert and fed the giraffes....All in all a great family time and the kids did well on the drive. We put just over 3000 miles on our Nissan Quest!

Hope you're having a fabulous day!


Sarah said...

Where is that snow picture from? Not around here anytime lately!!
Glad you had a good trip, even if the weather wasn't perfect.

Louise said...

great pictures! so nice to get away on a tropical vacay with the family eh - it's our fave thing to do!