Monday, July 06, 2009

Kylie's graduation

Here are some pictures of my little graduate! The one picture I was able to catch her throwing her cap into the air - cool eh? At her school the kids walk accross a bridge symbolizing the bridge between 1/2 day school of Kindergarden to big kid school of all day in Grade 1. She was so proud and happy. She's so ready for Grade 1 and all the adventures it will bring her. The other picture is with her teacher - Mrs Macleod. Mrs Maclead was the BEST Kindergarden teacher. She had just the right mix of sweetness with the kids and control so she had all 21 kids listening to her so well. I was always in awe of the energy she had. When I helped in the class I was usually so exhausted after my 1/2 day! Here she did it morning and afternoon with 2 different Kindergarden classes! Sure hope she's still at the school when Jacob's time comes!


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