Thursday, July 12, 2007

I've been tagged!

Summer Greetings!

Well our company from Winnipeg left last night. It was a great week and I really enjoyed having my friend, Heloise, her husband Reynold and their 3 boys. It was like the Brady Bunch with 3 girls (mine) and her 3 boys. All roughly the same ages too! It was great to have another adult woman to talk to during the day and we had alot of fun going to the beach among other things.
We are also having a HUGE heat wave here, and yesterday we broke a record! 38 degree's! (106 degrees for my American friends)!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our home doesn't have a/c (usually not needed too much here in B.C.) but i'm sure wishing we had it now!!!
I have my New Catalog Kick Off Party tonight so trying to keep the house cooler so I have all the drapes, blinds and windows shut! I"ll open them later as it cools down, thankfully its not quite as hot as yesterday!

OK, onto other things! I've been tagged by a wonderful gal I met on the cruise and who I admire her stampin' creations so much! You can visit her blog here . Her name is Patty Bennett from California.

I'm supposed to say 7 things about myself: (and then pass this onto 7 more people)

-I was born in Toronto, Ontario and moved here when I was 14. (to B.C.)
-my family moved next door to my future husband! (we were friends first, then started dating and we've been together almost 20 years! (15 years married on August 1st)
-Adoption is a big part of our family. My husband, 2 of my girls and my nephew are all adopted!
-I worked in the dental field for 15 years
-I still have a baby tooth (molar)
-I straighten my hair every day (its very curly)
-we have a Shih-Tzu named Bailey who is 11 years old

There you have it. A little something about its my turn to pass it on! Here's who I'm tagging:

Jennifer at

Rosella at

Sarah at

Elaine at

Amy at

Darcie at

Cindy at

Looking forward to everyone's reply!



Elaine said...

Ha! You tagged me! How fun! OK, here are 7 things about me...

1. I have been married for 23.5 years.
2. I have two boys and one grandson.
3. I was born and grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio.
4. I was a Navy wife for 5 years.
5. I ride a motorcycle!
6. I play the flute.
7. I have a brand new tattoo!

The seven that I am gong to tag are...Sherry Butler, Kim Snow, Anne Septic, Paige Kock, Stacy Hochthanner, Christa Bowdler, Heather Matheny!

stampinsars said...

Hey Kerry,

Louise tagged you first.... and then she tagged me, so I might combine them because hers is "tooting your own horn" and I don't know how well I will be able to do that!! We'll see, I might just surprise myself!