Sunday, March 06, 2011



Sorry for not posting earlier but we had a power outage monday morning and our desktop fried :( Anyway....after a few days at the computer dr, a new power supply added we are all good to go!

Here is one of the make n take's we made at the Vancouver Regionals last Saturday!!!! The projects were really over the top so we stamped as much as we could given the timeframe there, and brought the rest home to finish. I was proud of myself as for once I set aside time the day after Regionals and completed ALL the make n takes...before I put the supplies away! Anyway this was one of my uses lots of neat accessories. Hard to make out but there is dazzling diamonds around each of the circles with the letter on it. Can you see all the neat accessories on the close ups?????? Posting more this week so stay tuned!!!

Happy Stampin'

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Anonymous said...

Those are adorable! Very creative :) ~Jackie