Friday, June 25, 2010

Staff Appreciation Luncheon

Another event is checked off the calender done! WOW only a few more days left of school!!!

As head of the Staff Appreciation committee at my girls elementary school I try to come up with unique ideas each year for the wrap up luncheon. This year for the luncheon we did Chicken Ceasar wraps. Thankfully I have a wonderful group of mom's that help out! I was in charge of the 'meat' so Chris BBQ'd around 16 chicken breasts, then I cut them up in strips and put them in my crock pot so they'd stay warm. The others mom's brought the salads, desserts, wraps, drinks and veggie platter. It went really well of which i'm thankful...always a relief when its done as I worry something might go wrong. Phew :)

I also had 3 mom's come over one day last week and we made 30 of these little holders for a lottery ticket. I've heard one teacher won $2 so I guess no one is quitting their teaching job :)

Stay tuned as I have some more posts planned!!!!

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Anonymous said...

I don't know how you do everything you do! I'd be exhausted. See you soon.