Thursday, February 11, 2010

my new Stampin' area!


I'm so excited..I wanted to share with you where my club ladies are going to be stamping tonight! This has been something we've toyed around with for ages...after having my stamping events in our basement suite in November it really made me love having my events out of my kitchen - family area. Our suite was rented in December though so back up to our kitchen for January.....I got to thinking that we really don't use our basement much....old tv, barbies, excersice equipment gathering dust my friend Rosella and I last friday moved everything around and new stamping area was born! I'm so happy as I was able to set up today while Jake is napping. Plus my kiddies/husband won't be in a mad rush to eat dinner and get the kitchen all ready for stamping.
I was able to borrow some chairs and tables. I put a few things up but will make it more homey/crafty as time goes on.

What do you think?

Happy Stamping!


Anonymous said...

I love your new stampin' room Kerry. It's just right, nice and homey, lots of light. Can't wait until my next club night! Lynn

Rosella said...

It looks absolutely fantastic Kerry! I think EVERYBODY, including your family, will love this arrangement! ENJOY!

Sarah said...

Great idea, Kerry!!! But where is your big screen TV now? Is it in that same area? Then Chris just has to watch TV upstairs on club nights, right? Great use of space, especially if you weren't using it as much as a playroom anymore. Love it!!!