Monday, July 14, 2008

I've been tagged..

I've been tagged by a wonderful fellow stamper I met on the Panama Canal Stampin' Up cruise just over a year ago...her name is Debbie and you can check out her blog here.
OK, so 7 random facts about moi!
1. I grew up in a suburb of Toronto and moved to Vancouver in 1986. Not happy at the time but what a wonderful outcome as I moved next door to my future husband!
2. Proud to say I've been with my husband for over 20 years! (I was just a wee 15 yr old when we started dating!....) Sticking my tongue out at the friends that said we'd never last as we were too young!!!!!!
3. I love lobster and crab and can never have enough but its such a treat as its so expensive!
4. I love music from the 80's.
5. Had back surgery in 1989 for a tethered cord. (form of Spina Bifida)
6. Love the colour pink - which is a good thing considering I have 3 daughters!!
7. Just finished reading the book 'The Shack'. Anyone read it???
Now to pick 7 others! I"ll make this easy and choose the blogs I have listed on the left hand of my page - my friends that I visit! Consider yourself tagged!!!!


Annette said...

Hi Kerry. I also just finished reading "The Shack". What a good perspective hey? Hope you were as encouraged and inspired as I was. I hope you are doing well. Its been a while. Congratulations on Jacob. I wish you all the best. Annette

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Kerry! I'll post to my blog with 7 previously unknown facts about myself. Can't wait for my new goodies to get here on Friday - those new In Colors look gorgeous. I bet you miss Mikayla and any of the kids when they've gone away. Talk soon.