Friday, May 16, 2008

My going ons

Hello! Sorry for MIA. Its been quite a busy 2 weeks.....I thought I'd share a few cards I rec'd for my birthday last thursday. Thank you to Sarah, Rosella, Ruth and Wanda for these beautiful cards.

Seems like my days are taken up with kid app'ts, driving them to activities and baby dr app'ts. I go 2x week to the hosp for a non stress test now, weekly OB app'ts and then this week I had an ultrasound in Surrey! Playing havoc with my social life LOL! All is going well though and we're just waiting to meet baby in the next few weeks!

I've had one club this past week and have 2 coming up this week, then I can share the projects we've made.

Hmmmm other than that nothing else is new. Finally have a HOT day here today - 28 degrees! Hoping to go the beach tomorrow with Chris and the girls!

I hope you all have a wonderful long weekend!!!


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